The Master Bath You’ve Been Dreaming Of…

Imagine having a space in your home that helps wake up your mind and body in the morning and helps you to unwind after a long day.  Your master bath could be that space.  With the right features, your master bath can turn into an oasis that will also increase your home’s value!

Heated Floors
No one likes waking up and stepping barefoot onto cold tile floor.  Consider adding radiant heating when remodeling your bathroom!  Radiant heating also tends to be more energy efficient, which makes this investment the perfect mix of desirable and practical.
Update The Exhaust Fan
Did you know that an exhaust fan is one of the most requested bathroom features for home buyers?  Make sure yours is up to par in fighting mold and humidity with an upgrade!  There are humidity-controlled fans, fans with nightlights, and many other customizable features you can have in a new exhaust fan.
Dual Flush Toilet
Your water bill (and the environment) will thank you if you make the switch to an efficient dual-flushing toilet!  These toilets allow you to regulate the amount of water used when you flush the toilet. These are a must for new or remodeled bathrooms, and it will definitely add value to your home when selling.
Multi-Head Shower
Make your shower a customizable experience with a multi-head shower!  You can place a rain shower above your head for when you want to relax, or strong jets to soothe sore muscles.  There are all sorts of different heads you can have in your shower, and you can pair this with a separate soaking tub for a truly relaxing experience.
Warming Lamp or Heating Rack
Not many things that feel better than a warm towel after stepping out of the shower or washing your face.  Installation of a heating towel rack right by the shower is a simple feature that warms you up any time of the year.


Getting the Family and House Ready For “Back-To-School” Season

August is all about getting the family and home prepared for the upcoming school season and the new routine for the next several months. Check out these tips and ideas to start your preparation!

During morning and evening routines, the kitchen will be a focus point during the school year. Have a designated cabinet that is dedicated to pre-bagged snacks and Tupperware. This will make the hustle of the morning easier to manage when packing lunches if you did not pack them the night before.

Also, create a schedule of what dinner plans will be throughout the week. This will not only help you at the grocery store but also will help you plan easy dinners if you have a late soccer game on Thursday evening.

Bedroom and Closet
As kids are growing, it may seem like their clothes are shrinking. Before the summer ends, have your family go through their closet to donate clothes they do not like or clothes that no longer fit. Once you organize the potential for hand-me-downs, it is a lot easier to go school shopping when you know Billy needs new jeans and Sadie grew out of all her shoes.

Another trick to make the mornings more efficient is to create cubbies or shelves for each of your kids with the days of the week labeled on them. On Sundays, help them pick out their clothes for the week according to estimated weather and after-school plans.

Homework Space
Creating an area in the house that is quiet and full of all the school supplies that kids need for homework and projects will help with the focus of your children. Studies have shown that doing homework in bed can affect the feeling of sleeplessness in children if they are correlating stressful homework to their sleep space. Try to avoid this and make the dining room table or play room have a desk for school work to be focus upon.


New Year, New Home: 3 Renovation Tips for the New Year

Congratulations on getting to 2016!

You’ve already set goals for yourself in the form of New Year’s Resolutions, but have you set new goals for your home? Transform your space into a beautiful and efficient place to live this year. If you spend a lot of time in your home, continual upgrades to the space are essential. As you make a better you, make a better home!

The following are considerations you should take while making renovations in the new year:

1. Know Your Budget and Stick To It
After all of the holiday chaos, you might be a little short on change. But what about all of your dreams of home improvement? Not to fear! Regardless of whether or not you’ve been affected by holiday spending, you should strategically plan how much your project is going to cost you. Lay out each piece to the project and the corresponding price estimates.

2. Keep Lines of Communication Open With Your Contractor
When you hire a contractor for your project, you are placing a certain level of trust on that person. They are ultimately responsible for how your project will turn out. If you already have the pieces of your project laid out from when you budgeted, it should be relative easy to explain the vision you have to your contractor. Be flexible with your contractor and let them develop a solution that meets your vision and expectations.

3. Look at Other Projects for Inspiration
Do you know exactly how you want your finished project to look? Sometimes it’s challenging to find modern styles and trends that closely match your taste. Reference projects from magazines or from the Internet when explaining your vision to your contractor. He or she should have concrete examples to go off of, since they are unable to see your mental picture of the project.

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure During the Holiday Season

For most of us, the holiday season is a time to be merry. It is a time for decorations, shopping, parties, and fun! During this time we smile a little more, love a little more, and give a little more. It is important to keep in mind, however, that thieves view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to take and steal.
Whether you are staying home this year or visiting family, we want you, your family and your home to be safe. Please consider the following safety tips as we enter the heart of the holiday season.

1. Make sure gifts aren’t visible from the street.
You will probably try to keep gifts out of sight from children, but you should also make sure gifts are hidden from public view. If a criminal can see what is in your home, it’s likely they will try to rob you. Try to keep your Christmas tree or Menorah away from windows and other places with an outside view.

2. Keep your travel plans offline.
If you are planning to travel during the holiday season, be sure to keep your travel plans off your social media networks. Publicizing the location or duration of your trip on social media lets thieves know when no one will be home. Even if you have the highest-level of privacy on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, posting personal information is never recommended.

3. Use holiday lights safely.
Put your outdoor holiday lights on an automatic timer to keep thieves from learning your daily routine. We also suggest you put your indoor lights on an automatic timer if you are vacationing for the holidays. Do not run extension cords through windows because it means that windows will not completely close.

4. Notify a trusted friend or family member.
If you are going out of town, get someone you trust to check on your house, pick up your mail and newspapers, and keep your walks cleared of snow. Nothing tells a thief you are not home like a week’s worth of newspapers on your driveway or un-shoveled snow on your sidewalk.

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Make Your Mantel a Stylish Focal Point

We believe that your fireplace should always be the center of attention, and what better way to turn your mantel into a wow-worthy focal point than with a decorating makeover.  The way your mantel is decorated dramatically affects the aesthetics of the room it’s in. Your mantel expresses the room’s intended style and highlights the interests and experiences of the homeowners. We would like to help you decorate your mantel!

1. Dress to impress your mantel with some outstanding overlapping.

Overlap artwork to make any mantel stand out. It is crucial to make sure the pieces vary in height and width. Keep in mind that bigger pieces should be a backdrop for smaller artwork and picture frames, so make sure they are not super busy. Finish the look with some chunky candles on either side to frame it.

2. Soften the space by using a soothing palette of colors.

The right mix of accessories, in the right colors, will make your mantel go from simple to chic. Hang a mirror in the middle and mount candleholders on either side of it. Fix the mantel with a big vase in front of the mirror and fill in the rest of it with smaller accessories of varied height, like vases and candlesticks. Make sure the colors and materials you use reflect the room’s palette.

3. Turn your space into a tasteful oasis with a traditional tableau. 

Classic order comes from symmetrical arrangements. Fashion the wall behind your mantel with a pair of wall sconces on each side of the fireplace, and mount a round ornate mirror in the center. On the mantel itself, add pairs of similarly designed articles to maintain the balanced look.

4. Move to modernize with a media mantel.

Flat-screened televisions are often placed above the mantel, but this look can disrupt the fireplace’s decorative facade. Avoid this by fixing the television unit into the wall behind the fireplace and enclosing it with bi-fold doors. Finish the look by placing a simply elegant orchid at the corner.

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5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Decorating

Are you ready to give your front yard a spooky makeover? ‘Tis the season to get creative with your Halloween decorations!

Young trick-or-treaters will be arriving at your doorstep later this month, so we want to give you some tips for safe decorating. If you have a porch connected to the front of your home, you have a lot of space to play!

Consider the following safety tips before putting up your Halloween decor:

  1. Keep your outdoor space clutter-free.

Make sure to leave enough room for people to walk up to your door. If you are bumping into lights and props, consider taking a few of your decorations down.

  1. Remember that all heat sources can cause fires.

It’s a good idea to completely avoid all open flames, and to use LED lighting or battery-operated candles instead. Keep in mind that LED lighting and battery-operated candles need to stay away from open flames too. Also, remember that items such as straw, dried flowers, and crepe paper are all highly flammable.

  1. Secure props.

Electrical cords should be hung up or taped down securely. Any item that is hanging, dangling, or draped should be tightly fastened and tucked away. Make sure to check your decorations while your trick-or-treaters visit on the night of Halloween, in case something becomes loose during the night.

  1. Follow directions.

Read the instructions on ALL decoration packaging. If you have lighting that is only meant for indoor use, make sure you are only using them indoors. Kids’ safety will be at risk if it starts raining and the lighting can’t get wet!

  1. Clean up your decorating mess.

You will likely use tools and equipment to set up all of your Halloween decorations. When you are finished decorating, take some time to walk back and forth through your yard and make sure you cleaned everything up. Don’t forget that pair of sharp scissors laying on the ground, or the ladder you used to hang props from the tree!

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What to Look for in a Remodeling Company

How many times have you completed a renovation project? Regardless of whether you are on your first or fifth, you should know that one of the most important things to do before you start a project is to plan.

Choosing a remodeling company to get the job done correctly is arguably the most important part of a  renovation project. As you  begin researching companies, make sure you are looking for these key qualities in the contractors who will be completing your project:

  1. Professionalism

Search for a company that presents itself like a full-time business. The contractors who are a part of that company should be well-organized, follow up with you directly, and present a detailed contract of the project details before they begin construction.

  1. Experience

Renovation is  many different types of work combined, involving architectural design and project management. The contractors you browse through need to have more than three years of expertise in home improvement. Check the company’s certifications in places other than their website, such as The Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List.

  1. Excellent Communication

The lines of communication need to be open between you and your contractors. You should receive constant updates from your contractors regarding the project, especially if the timeline or the budget changes.

  1. Reputation

Opt for a remodeling company with an established name. Look for reviews online from previous customers or network with other businesses in the same industry to find out more about the remodeling company.

  1. Job Site Etiquette

The contractors worth investing in are the ones who maintain clean and organized work sites, take precautionary steps to ensure safety for you and your family, and know how to keep a low profile in a neighborhood.

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