New Trends For A New Year

2019 is finally here and with it comes new resolutions, new workout plans, and new headaches! Many of us want to put 2018 behind us and start a new year off fresh. An easy way to do this is simply surrounding yourself with a fresh, new look!

As far as interior design goes, 2019 is full of promising trends. Warm tones are taking over living spaces and knocking out the cooler grays and blues we have all become familiar with. Warm neutrals are particularly in high demand for the coming year. Taupe-like colors for walls, sofas, and ottomans are the new gray. And believe it or not, green is making a comeback!

chair2_3793_cactus_large1246291365We aren’t talking about the 1950’s green kitchen walls that your grandmother still has. We’re talking about vintage green velvet armchairs – a 19th-century appreciation. Places like Ikea, Target, and Wayfair are already designing the old world French looking chairs and getting them on the shelves. If you like the classic look or even something more modern, green velvet is sure to be a head-turner this year!

If you’re the person who would prefer the modern green velvet chair with gold accents, you are in luck! Modern style design is still trending above all others. American modern, Art Deco, and Scandinavian modern are at the top of the charts for 2019. Eclectic mixes of colors and patterns are shaping a new sense of “home” (along with those warmer tones we talked about)!

Take the stress out of sticking to a diet or reading a book a month and surround yourself in a stylish new comfortable. The other resolutions will come much more naturally if you are in a more positive and fresh space!


5 Things Every Home Office Needs

When working from home, you need your own space to minimize distractions and maximize the amount of work you are able to complete.  It also makes sense that this space should be as function and pleasant as possible, or you’ll never want to get any work done!  Make sure your home office has these essentials to help you get your work done, as peacefully as possible.

This may seem obvious, but make sure your home office has doors or is in a secluded area of your home.  You don’t need any added distractions like pets, kids, or your partner’s TV watching to interrupt you; separate yourself from all of this to be productive!  If you live alone you may think you are exempt from this, but that means it’s more important than ever to have a private space used only for work to maximize your productivity.
Quality Furniture
If you spend a lot of time working from home, you should definitely invest in furniture that will serve you best.  Pick out an office chair that won’t hurt your back and choose a desk that is stylish as well as functional.
A View
When working, you don’t want to look up from your computer to a blank wall right in front of you.  Optimize your creativity by placing your desk near a window, or if your space is lacking in these, then paint your walls a color you love and hang up pictures or artwork to stimulate your mind.
Great Lighting
You will never get any work done if your lighting is bad and strains your eyes.  Avoid the headache by taking some time to think about what lighting you need in your space to work at your best.  Another thing to consider: make sure your lighting does not cause a glare on your computer screen.
Organizing your work space is necessary for maximum productivity.  Invest in a book shelf or file cabinet if you have lots of documents or other items that need a home.  Also, your pens, business cards, and sticky notes will probably be kept on your desk, so buy some baskets or holders to keep everything in its place. (Note: the items you choose can be a great way to personalize your office!)


First impression Tricks for Your Front Door

When you’re welcoming a guest into your home, one of the first things they notice is your front door. Don’t you want it to make a nice first impression of your home? Here are a few tips to help make your front door leave a lasting impression.

Coordinating Color
The color of your door is typically the first and most important factor for changing the door’s appearance. There are many dynamics that can impact your color decision. For instance, what color are the shutters and house? What direction is the door facing? Do you want a neutral or bold color? These are all questions to start asking when deciding the color for your home entrance.

Personalizing Décor
Simple wreaths are common on doors, welcome signs, or the home address number. These are all fun do-it-yourself projects that really personalize your front door to create a welcoming persona. Changing up the decorations according to the season or upcoming holiday can show care for your home since there is continuously upkeep to the home environment.

Selecting Hardware
Doorknob selection can be an overlooked selection for some front doors. First priority, purchasing a secure lock for your home. Second, determine your decorative style and how you flaunt that within your home. Do you like a vintage appearance or do you prefer the modern and clean look that has clear cut lines? Whatever your preference may be, there are more options than expected when it comes to searching for the perfect doorknob.

Welcome Mat
This functional detail can add more personality to your home entrance. This addition to your front door could be a clean design or a quirky saying to make your guests smile. It also doesn’t hurt to give a reminder to wipe their feet before entering your beautiful home.


How to Effectively Communicate with Your Contractor

If you are about to embark on a remodeling project for your home then you are ready to choose a contractor. Hiring the right contractor means finding someone who will have your best interest in mind. Take recommendations from family, friends and online reviews while considering contractors. You are the one with the vision of how you want the finished product to look, so it is your job to find a contractor who will get the job done correctly and at an honest price.

The First Meeting is Everything

The first meeting with your contractor should be on-site of your project. Not only will the wish list and budget be established, but a discussion of the complete project plan will take place when consulting with James Construction & Renovation.

Clarifying Terms and Conditions

Just as your contractor should know everything you want done on your home project, you should know all terms and conditions before committing to your contractor.

Budget plays a major role in your project, so your contractor needs to focus on value engineering. He or she might have a standard process that they use to work on homes, but you need to remind them that your vision needs to be executed regardless of what process they stand by.

Designing, Ordering & Scheduling

The design process involves discussions of what you like, parameters that you’re working in, and involves spatial planning. Refinement and modification are both part of the process. Don’t forget, it is your home and your vision. Your money means you’re in charge!

Upon approval of the layout and designs, project samples will be ordered and details of the project timeline will be identified.

Post Construction

Once the project is completed, James Construction & Renovation will do a final walk-through, formulate a punch list of any tasks to be completed to satisfy the contract terms, and discuss warranties and maintenance.

Let James Construction and Renovation design, develop, and deliver your next home project.