A Modern Take On Hardwood Floors

Do you love the look of hardwood floors? Of course, because everyone loves the rich charm of hardwood floors in their living room or kitchen! It is a traditional look that brings a depth of character to any space.

Architects and interior designers are starting to take that modest, traditional look and turn it into something a little different. Instead of using long, straight boards, they are creating artistical masterpieces with wood floors. Here are a few ways they are shaking up the business that you could utilize when remodeling your home!

Different colored stains play a big role in making a hardwood floor look one of a kind and modern. You could stain your flooring all one shade of a trendy color, or even to use various colors of stains to create geometric patterns using the same wood. Pine and oak are great natural lighter colored woods that take different colored stains well and can amplify the contrast of the shades!

Funky, non-traditional patterns are on the rise. Everything from hexagons to herringbone to basket weave patterns are being seen in all types of spaces! Some designers have been playing with circles and swirl patterns with wood.  Another way to stray from the typical straight boards is to integrate a mixture of tiles and woods to make a statement, which is perfect for an entryway or dining room! A darker stained border around the edge of a room or a detailed design will draw the eye and enhance unique characteristics of the wood.

A glossy wood finish gives a sleek look that leaves the room virtually level and clean, whereas a matte finish adds character and a chic aesthetic to rooms. A slightly more glossy or satin finish will give your room a classic sheen, but not be too reflective. A matte finish works best on wider floor boards and simple patterns. This finish is great for wire-brushed or hand scrapped hardwood flooring! You can’t go wrong with either finish, it just depends on your own personal style!



Does Your Home Need A Fall Refresh?

Fall is the perfect time to throw on a comfy, brown sweater, wear that mustard yellow dress, or pull out that one pair of burgundy flats. But, the classic burgundy, brown, tan combination is getting a little old for your home, don’t you think?

Pumpkin spice lattes and dry hay bales are starting to lose their number one spot in people’s favorite things about fall. So, what else is there? How can you decorate your home in a different way that is chic, modern, and festive all at the same time without completely redoing your entire living room?

Try some non-traditional fall colors that are vibrant but part of a cooler family of color. A pop of turquoise on a porch, a deep violet throw pillow, and a cream-colored area rug can take you away from the over used burnt-orange decorations and draw the eye to a new style of fall. These colors are bright but still fit the bill for Autumn.

Add some textures to your décor for the season too. Fall is all about texture, from the breeze of the wind to the crunch of the leaves and the soft blanket you cuddle by the fire with. Find a new piece of 3D art work or get a new plush throw to become a texture master.

With luxe and eclectic home décor becoming so popular, these small color and texture changes in paint, rugs, wall art, and pillows can do a lot for your fall-ready home and be popular for years to come. So throw away that old scary-looking scarecrow pillow and switch it for some textured color!

Turquoise door


Colored Grout Isn’t Just for Looks!

Does your kitchen or bathroom need an update? Color sealing grout, a specially composed sealing substance, is a hot new trend for homeowners. With a multitude of colors to choose from, refreshing your grout is an easy update to any room with tile. Color sealing grout can add a pop of color to a kitchen, an eclectic look to a bathroom, or contrast to an old tile floor. It is great for DIY lovers, people who are thinking about redecorating on a tight budget, or just the perfect addition to a renovation project. But, what benefits does it have other than looking good? The colored sealer offers several positive health, maintenance, and financial benefits.

It Stops Bacteria Growth
Ever think about all the bacteria that is growing between your kitchen and bathroom tiles? Those small between-tile crevices are the perfect nesting ground for bacteria to grow. Luckily, color sealing your grout suppresses the growth of bacteria and mildew. The seal offers health benefits as the agents in the composition stops this growth and make your surfaces more sanitary.

It Eliminates Bad Odors
Color sealed grout is easy to clean, and liquids do not absorb into the seal either. Strange odors from past spills are eliminated from the equation with this benefit. You don’t have to worry about stains from food and beverage spills either as color seals repel both water and oil-based liquids.

It Is Economical
Applying a color seal grout can reduce maintenance costs for years to come. Since the grout is less porous than traditional grout and does not hold stains, you will not have to re-grout often. Your entire tile can look brand new with a pop of color seal and your wallet will thank you.


So now all you need to decide is what color to choose!


Which Paint Do You Need In Your Space?

If you’re getting bored with the décor in your home, you’re in luck; paint is a quick and inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of a room! While choosing a new color for your walls is its own tedious process, have you thought about which type of paint is best for your space? Here are some pros and cons about different finishes that will help you pick out your dream paint!

High gloss paint has at least 70% reflectivity, and with current trends it usually is used on cabinets and other furniture instead of walls due to how shiny it is. However, glossy paint is the easiest paint to clean and is great in high traffic areas where children and pets are likely to come in contact with the walls. High gloss paint can magnify imperfections on the walls, so if you have an older home this may not be the right choice.

A matte finish, also known as a flat finish, tends to be used on most interior surfaces. Wall imperfections are hardly visible with this paint since it does not reflect light. While it is very easy to make small touch ups to matte finishes, it is not washable. A matte finish enhances a rustic or worn look and also works well on ceilings. You should not use matte finishes on the exterior of your home or doors.

Semi-Gloss paint is most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. It is easier to clean than matte paint and does not hold the same high reflectivity as glossy paint. Its subtle shine gives a modern look to walls, cabinets, and built-ins. With semi-gloss paint being the perfect middle point between high gloss and matte, it often is more expensive. This is because it is so durable and has a resistance to dust stains.


Transform Your Basement Into A Rainy Day Escape

Summer is full of barbeques, backyard sprinklers, ice cream, and beaches. But what do you do when the weather is less than perfect? Here are some easy basement ideas that can transform your space and make it feel like you are outdoors, even when you aren’t!

Wood Textures
A simple pallet wall or wooden ceiling beams can completely transform the look and feel of a basement. Wood not only adds warmth to a space, but it also adds an element of the outdoors that you can easily (and affordably) bring inside. Throw in some cabin-themed decorations and some indoor plants and you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite lake view spot!

What is a finished basement without a bar area perfect for serving drinks? Consider adding this feature in your basement if you love entertaining guests! To get that outside feeling, decorate it for summer with tiki inspired adornments. You can use a natural raffia table skirt to decorate the front of your bar and create a tropical bar top display with coconut cups, colorful appetizer plates, and some pineapple décor! Hang decorative LED string lights such as lanterns behind and above the bar for a little festive lighting to really set the mood.

Indoor Picnic
Have a fun indoor picnic theme with family and friends on those rainy summer days! Pick up a large serving bowl and place various summer fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapes, or watermelon slices, inside of it. Place the bowl alongside a mason jar style drink dispenser and put a classic red and white checkered tablecloth below the two. This will make for an easy and fun serving station or just a seasonal decoration (maybe use plastic fruit as a decoration)! Fill empty table space with fruity scented candles, a napkin display, or a cute picnic basket!


The Master Bath You’ve Been Dreaming Of…

Imagine having a space in your home that helps wake up your mind and body in the morning and helps you to unwind after a long day.  Your master bath could be that space.  With the right features, your master bath can turn into an oasis that will also increase your home’s value!

Heated Floors
No one likes waking up and stepping barefoot onto cold tile floor.  Consider adding radiant heating when remodeling your bathroom!  Radiant heating also tends to be more energy efficient, which makes this investment the perfect mix of desirable and practical.
Update The Exhaust Fan
Did you know that an exhaust fan is one of the most requested bathroom features for home buyers?  Make sure yours is up to par in fighting mold and humidity with an upgrade!  There are humidity-controlled fans, fans with nightlights, and many other customizable features you can have in a new exhaust fan.
Dual Flush Toilet
Your water bill (and the environment) will thank you if you make the switch to an efficient dual-flushing toilet!  These toilets allow you to regulate the amount of water used when you flush the toilet. These are a must for new or remodeled bathrooms, and it will definitely add value to your home when selling.
Multi-Head Shower
Make your shower a customizable experience with a multi-head shower!  You can place a rain shower above your head for when you want to relax, or strong jets to soothe sore muscles.  There are all sorts of different heads you can have in your shower, and you can pair this with a separate soaking tub for a truly relaxing experience.
Warming Lamp or Heating Rack
Not many things that feel better than a warm towel after stepping out of the shower or washing your face.  Installation of a heating towel rack right by the shower is a simple feature that warms you up any time of the year.


5 Things Every Home Office Needs

When working from home, you need your own space to minimize distractions and maximize the amount of work you are able to complete.  It also makes sense that this space should be as function and pleasant as possible, or you’ll never want to get any work done!  Make sure your home office has these essentials to help you get your work done, as peacefully as possible.

This may seem obvious, but make sure your home office has doors or is in a secluded area of your home.  You don’t need any added distractions like pets, kids, or your partner’s TV watching to interrupt you; separate yourself from all of this to be productive!  If you live alone you may think you are exempt from this, but that means it’s more important than ever to have a private space used only for work to maximize your productivity.
Quality Furniture
If you spend a lot of time working from home, you should definitely invest in furniture that will serve you best.  Pick out an office chair that won’t hurt your back and choose a desk that is stylish as well as functional.
A View
When working, you don’t want to look up from your computer to a blank wall right in front of you.  Optimize your creativity by placing your desk near a window, or if your space is lacking in these, then paint your walls a color you love and hang up pictures or artwork to stimulate your mind.
Great Lighting
You will never get any work done if your lighting is bad and strains your eyes.  Avoid the headache by taking some time to think about what lighting you need in your space to work at your best.  Another thing to consider: make sure your lighting does not cause a glare on your computer screen.
Organizing your work space is necessary for maximum productivity.  Invest in a book shelf or file cabinet if you have lots of documents or other items that need a home.  Also, your pens, business cards, and sticky notes will probably be kept on your desk, so buy some baskets or holders to keep everything in its place. (Note: the items you choose can be a great way to personalize your office!)