Garden trellis with flowering vines

Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

Warm weather and blue skies are calling you outdoors! If you want to make your backyard into your perfect oasis, a relaxing hideaway, or entertainment central, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you. And the best part is, the team of experts at James Construction and Renovation have all the skills, experience, and creativity needed to turn your ideas into reality.


  1. Lattice & Trellises

    Trellis with flowering vines

    Lattice gives your greenery new dimensions.

    A lattice wall or trellis arch can really make your green spaces pop. These simple structures serve many purposes beyond beautifying your yard!

    One great and easy idea is to use a large piece of lattice as a wall. This can segment your garden into different areas, adding a cozy feeling to your new, separate spaces. The openness of lattice allows light to stream in, so it can also provide privacy to your yard without the visual obstruction of a solid wall.

    Another wonderful use of lattice and trellises is to provide climbing opportunities for your flowers and vines. These open-work structures offer ample space and lots of room for movement as your plants grow. In turn, your climbing plants give your yard a lovely look and can even create shade overhead.

  2. Pergolas & Gazebos
    A gazebo is a semi-enclosed seating area in your yard, whereas a pergola is more of an overhead canopy. Pergolas are often used to frame a doorway or to create an outdoor corridor, perhaps along a sidewalk or path.

    Pergola in backyard

    Pergolas provide interesting partitions to outdoor spaces.

    Pergolas and gazebos create wonderful focal points in your back or front yards. They offer cool, shaded places and seating areas for your patio furniture or picnic tables!

    These structures can be custom built to suit your needs. Line your gazebo walls with benches. Make those benches storage spaces for cushions and outdoor decorations. Add floating planters or vases to your pergola posts. The sky’s the limit!

  3. Deck & Patio

    Deck with patio furniture

    Decks offer safe, comfortable places for relaxation and entertainment.

    Of course, we would be remiss to talk about backyard inspiration without discussing your deck and patio areas. Your deck or patio should be a comfortable space for you to relax with family, grill out with friends, or just take a moment to yourself.

    At James Construction and Renovation, we can build you the exact outdoor space you’re craving. You can choose from a wide array of building materials, wood stains, and layouts so that your yard looks and feels just how you want it to.

  4. Fire Pits
    Fire pits in the backyard can be one of the coziest features of your home. Your fire

    Fire pit ringed with benches in backyard

    Fire pits create comfy spots for cooking and conversation.

    pit can be raised or in-ground, circular or rectangular, and made of any number of materials.

    Prefer a raised fire pit in brick? We can do that. Like the look of stone slabs or concrete? We can do that too.

    A custom fire pit is a simple way to bring a whole new aspect to your yard, giving you even more opportunities to spend your time in a place you love with the people you love. We’ll make sure your fire pit is built safely and securely for your peace of mind.


When you have ideas for renovating your outdoor spaces, don’t hesitate! Give James Construction & Renovation a call at 937-567-0606 today to talk with us about your ideas.

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