Freshen Up Your Kitchen For Spring

You might think you need to wait for warmer weather before getting started on home renovations, but that isn’t necessarily true! Now is the perfect time to give yourself the kitchen of your dreams.

According to Bob Vila, some home renovations are best to tackle during the winter. In fact, 70% of Bob Vila’s winter renovation list applies to your kitchen!

Here are some tips for changing up this crucial space in your home:

  1. Update Your Countertops and Cabinets190315 - Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

    Renovations that involve large elements – like counters and cabinets – means fewer trips for buying and bringing in your supplies. Since the work happens indoors, it’s a perfect job for winter or early spring!

    On top of the bulkier aspects of replacing countertops and cabinets, you can make smaller upgrades and repairs yourself. Consider purchasing new decorative hardware like knobs and drawer pulls to add your own flair to your kitchen. After all, you probably spend a lot of time in there, so it’s helpful for your accents to be functional and fashionable!

  2. Refresh Your Walls and Backsplash

    Is it time for a pop of color? Painting your walls a new, fresh color can make a big difference for your mood and state of mind. Painting in winter or early spring has another big benefit for homeowners: Because of the drier air during colder months, paint actually dries faster! Plenty of home supply stores also run sales on paint (and other home renovation materials) during the winter due to lower demand, so it’s a perfect time to stock up and get some work done!

    190315 - Kitchen Walls and BacksplashYour backsplash is more than decorative, too. It protects your walls from difficult, unsightly stains. However, aging grout in your backsplash can harbor stains and odors. Consider replacing your backsplash or getting the grout redone for a brand new look and fresh feel!

  3. Replace Your Faucets and Fixtures

    Did you know that you can replace a faucet in just an afternoon? Upgrading to new faucets and lighting fixtures can give your kitchen a great appearance and help conserve resources such as water and electricity. Smarter technology means you’re making good choices for the environment AND your bank account!
    190315 - Kitchen Sink

  4. Check Your Safety Features

    The change in seasons is the perfect time to make sure the safety features in your house are in working order! Be sure to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so you can replace any dead batteries and ensure your family’s safety in the process.

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