Barn Doors… Inside!

Sliding barn doors are becoming a very popular trend for interior designers. They’re functional, stylish, and easy to use, but some people think they’re only good for a rustic, farm-house look. Keep reading to learn how barn doors can accent all types of interior design styles!

Modern Barn doorIndustrial
If the natural wood look of a barn door turns you off, try painting it a solid, neutral shade. With the right handle and metal fixtures, the door can look much more industrial than you might think. The sliding feature gives off more of a minimalist look compared to a traditional swinging door, which feeds in to the industrial vibe of the room.

EccentricPink Door
Sliding barn doors can be custom-made to match your space! They can easily be painted different colors creating a unique focal point for the room. The hardware can contrast the color and the handle can either match the hardware or add a completely different element, like a crystal doorknob. The small details do a great job of tying a room together.

Rustic Door

All wood elements add a sense of warmth to a room, but sliding barn doors go the extra mile in this category. Different shades of brown that highlight the natural grain of the wood make it feel as though part of the great outdoors has entered your home. Visible nails and “X” or “Z” braced planks add depth, dimension, and character.

Maybe you are someone who likes the idea of the sliding door, but already has a more traditional theme in your home such as French Country. You can still enjoy a sliding barn door! Try using two thinner doors in place of where you would normally put a French door. You can even add window panes, wrought iron designs, or carve ornamental patterns into the wood.

Overall, a sliding barn door is always going to be a great feature in your home.  And don’t worry, because no matter the style, there is a sliding barn door for you!



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