4 Rules to Finding the Perfect Rug!

Big, comfy, colorful rugs. They can make an entire room look inviting. However, if the rug isn’t the correct size to fit the room properly, it can become overwhelming, or even underwhelming. Here are some tips on how to make sure that beautiful geometric patterned rug will fill its role in your home!

Stay Away from the Walls
I’m sure you’ve seen rugs that butt right up against walls before, and while you may love the rug and is a family heirloom, it makes it look as though you are hiding unfinished floors or discolored carpet. A good rug is supposed to anchor a room and draw the eye in, not spread it out over every inch of square footage.

Consider the Shape of the Room
The perfect rug for you should mimic the shape of the room it is going in. For example, ou wouldn’t want a long and skinny runner in a small, square space. Luckily, most rooms are rectangular and the same goes for rugs! Making sure the proportions of room-area and rug-area are similar is key for rug placement.

Think About the Rug’s Function
Are you planning on the rug being a focal point in the center of a sitting area, or will furniture pile on top of it like a dining room table set? This is an important question to ask yourself. If the rug is going to be the center of attention, or at least the center of your vision, it should have a pattern and color palette that tie in details of the room. If it is going to be used more for functionality or bring warmth to a room, then a consistent color scheme or soft lines as a pattern will do nicely. By confusing the two functionalities, a room can easily become overwhelming or impractical.

Measure the Furniture You Already Have
A good rule of thumb for area rugs is to keep all the legs of the furniture at least 6 inches away from the edge of the rug. This way, the furniture won’t look like it’s teetering off the edge and will naturally create a more comfortable and spacious look. With that said, make sure the rug isn’t too small where the furniture is cramped and there is no space between the pieces.

With these tips you can easily figure out why your rug might not look quite right in its current space, and what to look for when you go shopping next!