A Modern Take On Hardwood Floors

Do you love the look of hardwood floors? Of course, because everyone loves the rich charm of hardwood floors in their living room or kitchen! It is a traditional look that brings a depth of character to any space.

Architects and interior designers are starting to take that modest, traditional look and turn it into something a little different. Instead of using long, straight boards, they are creating artistical masterpieces with wood floors. Here are a few ways they are shaking up the business that you could utilize when remodeling your home!

Different colored stains play a big role in making a hardwood floor look one of a kind and modern. You could stain your flooring all one shade of a trendy color, or even to use various colors of stains to create geometric patterns using the same wood. Pine and oak are great natural lighter colored woods that take different colored stains well and can amplify the contrast of the shades!

Funky, non-traditional patterns are on the rise. Everything from hexagons to herringbone to basket weave patterns are being seen in all types of spaces! Some designers have been playing with circles and swirl patterns with wood.  Another way to stray from the typical straight boards is to integrate a mixture of tiles and woods to make a statement, which is perfect for an entryway or dining room! A darker stained border around the edge of a room or a detailed design will draw the eye and enhance unique characteristics of the wood.

A glossy wood finish gives a sleek look that leaves the room virtually level and clean, whereas a matte finish adds character and a chic aesthetic to rooms. A slightly more glossy or satin finish will give your room a classic sheen, but not be too reflective. A matte finish works best on wider floor boards and simple patterns. This finish is great for wire-brushed or hand scrapped hardwood flooring! You can’t go wrong with either finish, it just depends on your own personal style!



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