Does Your Home Need A Fall Refresh?

Fall is the perfect time to throw on a comfy, brown sweater, wear that mustard yellow dress, or pull out that one pair of burgundy flats. But, the classic burgundy, brown, tan combination is getting a little old for your home, don’t you think?

Pumpkin spice lattes and dry hay bales are starting to lose their number one spot in people’s favorite things about fall. So, what else is there? How can you decorate your home in a different way that is chic, modern, and festive all at the same time without completely redoing your entire living room?

Try some non-traditional fall colors that are vibrant but part of a cooler family of color. A pop of turquoise on a porch, a deep violet throw pillow, and a cream-colored area rug can take you away from the over used burnt-orange decorations and draw the eye to a new style of fall. These colors are bright but still fit the bill for Autumn.

Add some textures to your décor for the season too. Fall is all about texture, from the breeze of the wind to the crunch of the leaves and the soft blanket you cuddle by the fire with. Find a new piece of 3D art work or get a new plush throw to become a texture master.

With luxe and eclectic home décor becoming so popular, these small color and texture changes in paint, rugs, wall art, and pillows can do a lot for your fall-ready home and be popular for years to come. So throw away that old scary-looking scarecrow pillow and switch it for some textured color!

Turquoise door