Colored Grout Isn’t Just for Looks!

Does your kitchen or bathroom need an update? Color sealing grout, a specially composed sealing substance, is a hot new trend for homeowners. With a multitude of colors to choose from, refreshing your grout is an easy update to any room with tile. Color sealing grout can add a pop of color to a kitchen, an eclectic look to a bathroom, or contrast to an old tile floor. It is great for DIY lovers, people who are thinking about redecorating on a tight budget, or just the perfect addition to a renovation project. But, what benefits does it have other than looking good? The colored sealer offers several positive health, maintenance, and financial benefits.

It Stops Bacteria Growth
Ever think about all the bacteria that is growing between your kitchen and bathroom tiles? Those small between-tile crevices are the perfect nesting ground for bacteria to grow. Luckily, color sealing your grout suppresses the growth of bacteria and mildew. The seal offers health benefits as the agents in the composition stops this growth and make your surfaces more sanitary.

It Eliminates Bad Odors
Color sealed grout is easy to clean, and liquids do not absorb into the seal either. Strange odors from past spills are eliminated from the equation with this benefit. You don’t have to worry about stains from food and beverage spills either as color seals repel both water and oil-based liquids.

It Is Economical
Applying a color seal grout can reduce maintenance costs for years to come. Since the grout is less porous than traditional grout and does not hold stains, you will not have to re-grout often. Your entire tile can look brand new with a pop of color seal and your wallet will thank you.


So now all you need to decide is what color to choose!