4 Ways to Brighten Up a Room Lacking Natural Light

While all the homes you see on TV and in magazines always have amazing natural light and stunning window features, you may not be as lucky in your home.  Many houses, especially older homes, do not allow the amount of natural light that we all prefer today.  So before you start knocking walls down to get the light you crave, try some of these ideas to brighten up your darkest rooms!

Choose Your Paint Wisely
Light, pale colored walls are one of the best ways to brighten up a room.  Not only are they already bright, but they also help to reflect what little light you may have in a dark room.  The type of paint also matters here; a glossy paint can end up doing more harm than good by creating a glare rather than reflecting the light equally around the room.  Stick with matte options to avoid this problem.
Think About Your Décor
What you hang on your walls can have a big impact on the brightness of your room.  Mirrors are great for reflecting light, so it’s a great idea to hang a large mirror across from your sunniest window or hang a variety of sizes of mirrors in a darker corner.  Also, furniture can help light bounce around if it is reflective or metallic.
Play with Lighting
Lighting plays a major part in rooms without much (or any) natural light, and there are lots of ways to work with it.  Recessed lighting is great for evenly distributing light around the room and can also work well in alcoves and shelving.  Another tactic is hidden lighting, which helps give the room more of a glow.  Some great ways to utilize hidden lights are behind furniture, between ceiling beams, and under cabinets in the kitchen.
Internal Windows
If you have some walls blocking your natural light but don’t want to knock any down, internal windows could be the best way to distribute light to your darker rooms.  Windows can be added to walls or even doors to allow more light through, and some rooms may not even require glass to separate them and you can leave the “window” open.  For areas that require more privacy, frosted glass is the perfect solution to still retain your natural lighting.  Lastly, adding a transom window over a doorway is perfect for a bathroom or closet that needs some extra light.