2018 Kitchen Trends


The kitchen is often called “the heart of your home” for good reason, as most of us spend countless hours in this room throughout the week. That feeling can be compromised if your kitchen needs an update. Check out these great ideas that you could implement into your space… and next thing you know you’ll find yourself in the kitchen even when you aren’t cooking!

Black Appliances
Many homeowners are stepping back from the popular stainless steel and instead choosing darker shades for their appliances. If your dream kitchen features custom cabinetry or a unique backsplash, you don’t want to overshadow it with lots of silver that can draw the eye.
Statement Floor Tile
Since rugs are not very practical in kitchens, the only way to switch up your flooring from basic tile or hardwood is to take advantage of a statement tile. If this is the route you choose for your kitchen, you may want to stick to a more neutral backsplash and fixtures to even out the room.
Fewer Upper Cabinets
If you have enough storage, you might consider the minimalist trend of ridding your kitchen of its upper cabinets. This popular trend helps keep your space looking open and airy, while giving you the option for more windows or hanging décor on your walls.
Open Shelving
Open shelving or cabinets with glass fronts look great in kitchens, although they may not be as practical as regular cabinets. If you choose this route for your kitchen’s design, use it as an excuse to buy new matching dishes that you won’t mind being displayed at all times!
Coffee Station
If you have a large kitchen with lots of counter space, why not dedicate a portion to your coffee addiction? Some features for this area are a mini fridge, mug storage, a tray for your cream and sugar, and obviously your coffee maker! If you have extra room, this could double as a great place to store your wine collection and glassware as well.