What You Need for Your Dream Gym… At Home!

Do you have an unused space in your home that you think would be a great spot for a home gym? Or is it your dream to have a space in your home where you can exercise in peace? While we’re no expert on what equipment you will need, we do know what kind of space would work best!

Closed-Door Policy
The first factor to consider in your space is if it is secluded. Exercising is great for your mental health, but it could turn stressful if you have your whole family watching you or pets trying to join your downward dog. A door will help block distractions and will also help mute sound, which means you can blare your workout mix as loud as you want. A basement or spare bedroom would work perfectly to prevent family interruptions and give you the peace of mind you deserve while exercising.
Don’t Ruin Your Floors
You’ll want to consider what type of flooring is already in your space, and whether or not that type would work in a home gym or if you should replace it. If you aren’t planning to use your space for heavy weightlifting, then laminate or carpet could work for you. But if you have pristine wood flooring, don’t risk scratching it: you can buy foam tiles or other rubber mats to protect your flooring. These mats also act to soundproof the room and create a non-slip surface.
Space Requirements
How much space you’ll need depends on what exercises you plan to do in your home gym. The main things to consider are if you have enough room to move around comfortably; you don’t want everything crammed in too tight. Another feature you’ll want to make sure your space has is enough outlets. Cardio machines, lights, speakers, and TVs are all popular in home gyms and require outlet access.

After you evaluate your space and make any necessary changes, go ahead and make the jump to having a home gym. Make it into your own personal retreat, which in turn will lead to more exercising!