Is an Open Floor Plan for You?

One of the trendiest home designs right now is the open floor plan, which is when a space has no (or only a few) dividing walls separating the areas. This design trend has become a staple in what people look for in a home, but does that mean it’s the design for you?
Here are some pros and cons to consider when buying or renovating a home if you’re thinking of having an open floor plan.
Many people choose open plan living as a way to not feel closed off when in common areas of the home. When a kitchen, dining room, and living room are opened up to each other, family members can be doing different things in each of the rooms, but still feel together and communicate with one another. This is also great for entertaining purposes, as guests won’t feel awkward when the host needs to run to the kitchen. However, if you prefer privacy when relaxing in the living room or cooking in the kitchen, then this wouldn’t be the floor plan for you.
No surprise here, but when you take room-dividing walls down, there’s nothing blocking sound from room to room. If someone is watching TV in the living room while someone tries to listen to a podcast while cooking in the kitchen, your home might sound a bit chaotic.
If you are a fan of natural light, then an open floor plan could be the perfect option for you. When you take down walls, the light streaming in from windows will brighten up the whole space, and not just the one room. This is especially great if one of your rooms has only one or two windows and tends to look dark.
For most people, more space is always preferred, but open plan living has both pros and cons in the space category. On one hand, there are no doors dividing rooms that take up space when they are open, and doors can also hinder foot traffic. However, fewer walls means fewer storage areas, especially in a kitchen where cabinets and counters can be sacrificed in an open floor plan. In addition, this floor plan can make heating/cooling your open space much more expensive, as you cannot indicate which rooms you would like to focus climate control on.

Overall, an open floor plan is a great choice in a home and usually will add value to your home. However, it’s important to look at all aspects before making a large renovation decision or buying a home with an open living plan.