Spring Cleaning… In the Fall

Doesn’t dividing your home’s deep cleaning between two seasons instead of all in the spring sound so much better? Fall is the perfect time to clean your home inside and out, with the temperature dropping from the summer’s sweltering heat. Also, with winter coming there’s steps that need to be taken to protect your home from the cold. A bonus of deep cleaning in the fall: there’s much less to do once the holidays come around when friends and family fill your home! Here are some specific tasks that you may usually overlook, but now is the perfect time to take care of them!

• Clean and store the patio furniture. While you don’t necessarily need to do this too soon, it is best to move or cover your furniture before freezing temperatures come. Also, cleaning it beforehand is important to avoid mold or mildew.
• Clear out your gutters. This is especially important to do once all the leaves have fallen, as you don’t want wet leaves to freeze in your gutters and downspouts.
• Clean your carpets. If you choose to do this professionally, the fall season is perfect because the professionals tend to get busier around the holidays.
• Clean window treatments. Blinds and shades can usually just be dusted off, and curtains can be vacuumed. If the curtains need to be washed, check the instructions as many types should be taken to a dry cleaner.
• Dust your ceiling fixtures. This is never a fun task, but a dirty ceiling fan or chandelier can be one of the most noticeable things for your guests.
• Sweep your chimney. With winter and warm fires on the horizon, your chimney and flue should be inspected and cleaned.

Once these tasks and other deep cleaning chores are done, you’ll be able to enjoy the winter season and the holidays much better knowing there is nothing that has gone undone!