Bathroom Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

It’s amazing how much proper lighting can change a space, especially in one of the rooms you use the most: the bathroom. Whether you’re planning a whole bathroom remodel or just want to spruce yours up, here is how your bathroom should be lit.

Do: Install fixtures on the wall at approximately eye level, on both sides of the mirror. Install a ceiling fixture right above the sink, or multiple if you have a long counter. This will light up your face from all sides, creating a luxurious grooming spot. Another idea is to wrap lighting around the back of the mirror, which creates a soft halo around the mirror that will help with those nighttime bathroom trips.
Don’t: Put a single light above the sink and call it a day. This will cast parts of your face in shadow, which not only will affect how you apply makeup, shave, or style your hair, but it will also make you look older, and who wants that?

Do: Mix up this space with task and accent lighting. For tubs, a decorative overhead light will work functionally and be a visual feature for the room. For a shower, overhead lighting is important for safety and functionality, but make sure to choose a water proof fixture. An idea for a decorative and functional piece would be recessed lighting highlighting a storage niche in the wall.
Don’t: Forget to light this space at all. Ignoring this area of the bathroom and only relying on the general lighting in the room can result in limited visibility behind shower curtain or door.

General Lighting
Do: Have overhead lighting to brighten the whole room. This can be placed in either the center of the room or in the doorway, depending on the space. An idea is to add dimmers to all of the lights or just the basic overhead lighting for those late-night bathroom runs.
Don’t: Only install limited fixtures. The main problem with bathroom lighting is that most people do not have enough of it. Also, if placing a wall-mounted fixture, make sure to keep the space looking symmetrical by having fixtures on both sides of something, such as the mirror or shower.