3 Ways to Remodel Your Closet When You’re on a Budget

It’s a new year, and many people are trying to cut out unnecessary costs after the holiday season. Some people may still be trying to fit all their new gifts from the holidays into the closet, but don’t have enough room. If you’re limited on closet space and on a budget, here are three tips to remodel without breaking the bank.

1. Capitalize on existing space. If you have closet doors, use them! You can add hooks to hold handbags, coats, or dog leashes. You could add baskets for cleaning supplies or snacks. Additionally, don’t be afraid to use those awkward spaces in your closet. If there is a small amount of wall that is bare, you could add hooks to hang jewelry or belts.

2. Add storage. Another way you can remodel your closet is by adding extra storage. Moving a dresser or shelf into the closet gives you space to organize more items. You could store shoes or board games on a shelf. The dresser would provide more space for items like socks and jeans. You could even store craft supplies in there! If there isn’t room for a dresser or shelf, try storage containers. Some can hang from bars in the closet, providing easy access without taking up lots of space.

3. Get creative! Not all closet organization has to be bought straight from the store, and there are many great ways to create storage out of everyday household items. Store your scarves by adding shower rings to a hanger. You’ll be able to store multiple scarves without taking up much space. Double up on hangers by using a pop can top. Add the pop can top to a hanger hook and hang the second hanger from it. You’ll be able to pair items you use together often.

Whether it’s adding a dresser or hanging hooks, there are many great ways to remodel your closet without spending a lot of money!