Renovation in the Winter

October is over and November is here. Before you know it, winter will be in full swing. The colder weather tends to drive people indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! Use this time to renovate your home. While it may seem inconvenient, winter is actually the perfect time for renovations. Here’s why.
1. During the winter months, contractors have more availability than they do in the summer. This means they can dedicate more attention to your project, and scheduling with them becomes less of a hassle. In addition, your own work may slow down during the winter months, so it’s the perfect time to use some of your vacation days!

2. Demand for home renovations increases in spring. Because of this, pricing may inflate on the items you need. By scheduling your renovations for the winter, you can avoid unnecessary costs. An extra bonus is that manufacturers often have sales you can take advantage of to save money.

3. Cleaning up after a renovation project may seem daunting, especially in the winter. It may feel like your home will be infested with all the dust and fumes from the project. But thanks to tools such as plastic zip doors, it is easy to keep a mess contained for clean-up.

4. Finally, your project will be done by spring! Most people save their home renovation projects for spring. By completing yours in the winter, you can enjoy the new season and beautiful weather without being weighed down by a renovation project.

So, look for a project in the house you have been itching to do. Contact us here at James Construction, or for more minor projects, get your materials and get started. Either way, have fun staying active this winter!