Getting the Family and House Ready For “Back-To-School” Season

August is all about getting the family and home prepared for the upcoming school season and the new routine for the next several months. Check out these tips and ideas to start your preparation!

During morning and evening routines, the kitchen will be a focus point during the school year. Have a designated cabinet that is dedicated to pre-bagged snacks and Tupperware. This will make the hustle of the morning easier to manage when packing lunches if you did not pack them the night before.

Also, create a schedule of what dinner plans will be throughout the week. This will not only help you at the grocery store but also will help you plan easy dinners if you have a late soccer game on Thursday evening.

Bedroom and Closet
As kids are growing, it may seem like their clothes are shrinking. Before the summer ends, have your family go through their closet to donate clothes they do not like or clothes that no longer fit. Once you organize the potential for hand-me-downs, it is a lot easier to go school shopping when you know Billy needs new jeans and Sadie grew out of all her shoes.

Another trick to make the mornings more efficient is to create cubbies or shelves for each of your kids with the days of the week labeled on them. On Sundays, help them pick out their clothes for the week according to estimated weather and after-school plans.

Homework Space
Creating an area in the house that is quiet and full of all the school supplies that kids need for homework and projects will help with the focus of your children. Studies have shown that doing homework in bed can affect the feeling of sleeplessness in children if they are correlating stressful homework to their sleep space. Try to avoid this and make the dining room table or play room have a desk for school work to be focus upon.