Tips to Utilize Your Laundry Room More Efficiently

Divide and Conquer
Baskets will be your best friend in your rejuvenated laundry room. Designate baskets for darks, lights, delicate, yours, or his! Whichever way is the most efficient for your cleaning style, set up baskets to make your organization of clothes easier!

It seems that the laundry room is always the part of the home that is consistently chaotic especially with bigger families. Decluttering is very helpful to rebuttal this chaotic trend. Also, make designated spots for all the clutter. If you collect all the lonely socks on the counter, buy a basket and create a shelf in your storage to hold onto these pesky loners. Creating a home for all the cleaning products will help declutter the room and you will always be able to complete this chore quicker.

Freshen up the room. Take a weekend a repaint the walls or cabinets just to create the illusion that this room is new and welcoming for you. Although it is a space of the house that isn’t the most fun, changing the environment can make it less daunting to return to over and over again.

Bright Lighting
This is the room where detail matters! Create a space with efficient lighting just to make sure you are correcting stains on your favorite blouses and efficiently getting all those irritating stains out of the kid’s play clothes.