Spring Cleaning for Your Kitchen

Cluttered cabinets, a dusty refrigerator top, and an oven that smokes every time you bake are not the components of an ideal kitchen. The kitchen is often one of the most-used living areas in a family’s home and kitchen cabinets can quickly become coated in a layer of grease, dirt and grime from constant use and cooking. We think that these three things are crucial to the spring cleaning process, so don’t overlook them this year!

1. Dust and Wash the Walls
Anytime you cook, open the window, or spray cooking oil on a pan, particles adhere to your walls and create a thin, mostly invisible but greasy layer of dirt and dust. To counter this silent but dirty phenomenon, it’s time to wash your walls using your favorite products, or simply clean with a hot, sudsy sponge and cool water rinse to remove grease in the kitchen. Rooms with flat paints require less vigorous cleaning methods. To avoid wearing down the paint: use a damp clean cloth or a moistened-with-water only soft sponge to clean flat-painted walls.

2. Spruce Up Your Curtains and Blinds
Over the course of the year, dust, dirt, grease, and grime can build up on your curtains, drapes, and blinds. To remedy thus, take them down to spray them down! Curtains and drapes should be vacuumed with a special attachment, put into the washing machine with cold water so they don’t shrink, or taken to the dry cleaners. To clean your blinds, take them outside and soak them in hot water with automatic dishwashing detergent with some Pinesol to rub away grease.

3. Clean Out Drawers and Kitchen Cabinets
Over the year, your drawers and cabinets go from an organized space to crazy and chaotic. It’s time to take out anything that isn’t being used on a regular basis, organize your flatware, and consider installing drawer and cabinet dividers to keep your kitchen more organized. Once everything is taken out, scrub down the insides of your drawers and cabinets with a mixture of grease cutting detergent and warm water, and the outsides with vinegar and water to remove the sticky film. Finish by rinsing both areas with plain water to remove soap residue.