Cozy Decorating to Keep You Warm This Winter

In the depths of winter, we rely on our homes to shield us from the chill. Frosty temperatures keep many of us cooped up indoors more than we’d like, and when we do brave the winter weather, we want to come back to a cozy home. From comfy throws to wood burning stoves, here are some tips on how to keep your home warm this winter season!

1. Make Mirrors a Must-Have
Since winter comes with shorter days, make the most of the natural light whenever possible. Hanging a large mirror on a blank stretch of wall near a window or above a mantel display will reflect light throughout your space. The more light there is, the warmer your house will be!

2. Give Your Feet a Treat
Wood and tile floors can add a sophisticated style statement year-round, but walking on them during the winter can feel like you are freezing your feet. To cozy them up, add a fluffy area rug and some bold colored carpet runners to keep your home warm underfoot.

3. Warm Up Windows
This may seem like a no brainer, but open up the curtains when the sun is out! Utilizing natural energy is the cheapest way to keep warm during the winter. To keep them insulated, layer on window treatments and add heavy drapes made of thick material.

4. Wood-Burning
Though gas fireplaces are good, there’s nothing quite like a wood-burning stove. Wood stoves are compact, user friendly, and a great way to keep your home’s heating costs down.