4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure During the Holiday Season

For most of us, the holiday season is a time to be merry. It is a time for decorations, shopping, parties, and fun! During this time we smile a little more, love a little more, and give a little more. It is important to keep in mind, however, that thieves view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to take and steal.
Whether you are staying home this year or visiting family, we want you, your family and your home to be safe. Please consider the following safety tips as we enter the heart of the holiday season.

1. Make sure gifts aren’t visible from the street.
You will probably try to keep gifts out of sight from children, but you should also make sure gifts are hidden from public view. If a criminal can see what is in your home, it’s likely they will try to rob you. Try to keep your Christmas tree or Menorah away from windows and other places with an outside view.

2. Keep your travel plans offline.
If you are planning to travel during the holiday season, be sure to keep your travel plans off your social media networks. Publicizing the location or duration of your trip on social media lets thieves know when no one will be home. Even if you have the highest-level of privacy on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, posting personal information is never recommended.

3. Use holiday lights safely.
Put your outdoor holiday lights on an automatic timer to keep thieves from learning your daily routine. We also suggest you put your indoor lights on an automatic timer if you are vacationing for the holidays. Do not run extension cords through windows because it means that windows will not completely close.

4. Notify a trusted friend or family member.
If you are going out of town, get someone you trust to check on your house, pick up your mail and newspapers, and keep your walks cleared of snow. Nothing tells a thief you are not home like a week’s worth of newspapers on your driveway or un-shoveled snow on your sidewalk.

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