Make Your Mantel a Stylish Focal Point

We believe that your fireplace should always be the center of attention, and what better way to turn your mantel into a wow-worthy focal point than with a decorating makeover.  The way your mantel is decorated dramatically affects the aesthetics of the room it’s in. Your mantel expresses the room’s intended style and highlights the interests and experiences of the homeowners. We would like to help you decorate your mantel!

1. Dress to impress your mantel with some outstanding overlapping.

Overlap artwork to make any mantel stand out. It is crucial to make sure the pieces vary in height and width. Keep in mind that bigger pieces should be a backdrop for smaller artwork and picture frames, so make sure they are not super busy. Finish the look with some chunky candles on either side to frame it.

2. Soften the space by using a soothing palette of colors.

The right mix of accessories, in the right colors, will make your mantel go from simple to chic. Hang a mirror in the middle and mount candleholders on either side of it. Fix the mantel with a big vase in front of the mirror and fill in the rest of it with smaller accessories of varied height, like vases and candlesticks. Make sure the colors and materials you use reflect the room’s palette.

3. Turn your space into a tasteful oasis with a traditional tableau. 

Classic order comes from symmetrical arrangements. Fashion the wall behind your mantel with a pair of wall sconces on each side of the fireplace, and mount a round ornate mirror in the center. On the mantel itself, add pairs of similarly designed articles to maintain the balanced look.

4. Move to modernize with a media mantel.

Flat-screened televisions are often placed above the mantel, but this look can disrupt the fireplace’s decorative facade. Avoid this by fixing the television unit into the wall behind the fireplace and enclosing it with bi-fold doors. Finish the look by placing a simply elegant orchid at the corner.

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