5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Decorating

Are you ready to give your front yard a spooky makeover? ‘Tis the season to get creative with your Halloween decorations!

Young trick-or-treaters will be arriving at your doorstep later this month, so we want to give you some tips for safe decorating. If you have a porch connected to the front of your home, you have a lot of space to play!

Consider the following safety tips before putting up your Halloween decor:

  1. Keep your outdoor space clutter-free.

Make sure to leave enough room for people to walk up to your door. If you are bumping into lights and props, consider taking a few of your decorations down.

  1. Remember that all heat sources can cause fires.

It’s a good idea to completely avoid all open flames, and to use LED lighting or battery-operated candles instead. Keep in mind that LED lighting and battery-operated candles need to stay away from open flames too. Also, remember that items such as straw, dried flowers, and crepe paper are all highly flammable.

  1. Secure props.

Electrical cords should be hung up or taped down securely. Any item that is hanging, dangling, or draped should be tightly fastened and tucked away. Make sure to check your decorations while your trick-or-treaters visit on the night of Halloween, in case something becomes loose during the night.

  1. Follow directions.

Read the instructions on ALL decoration packaging. If you have lighting that is only meant for indoor use, make sure you are only using them indoors. Kids’ safety will be at risk if it starts raining and the lighting can’t get wet!

  1. Clean up your decorating mess.

You will likely use tools and equipment to set up all of your Halloween decorations. When you are finished decorating, take some time to walk back and forth through your yard and make sure you cleaned everything up. Don’t forget that pair of sharp scissors laying on the ground, or the ladder you used to hang props from the tree!

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