5 Deck Renovation Tips

Are you looking to add value to your home? Upgrading your front or back yard deck is a remodeling project you should consider. The return on your investment could yield up to 80% with the proper updates. Here are five tips to help your deck renovation:

  1. Research Building Codes

State and federal building codes can get specific when it comes to the stairs, railings, and general height and width of a deck. Building codes change depending on location, so make sure to research the codes for your area and your property. In addition, make sure your contractor is aware of these codes and complies with them.

  1. Choose Building Materials Wisely

Ho w much foot traffic will run across this deck? You need to choose a surface material that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. The lifespan of your deck will also depend largely on the climate you live in.  Choose a material based on these considerations, as well as your needs and budget.

  1. Observe Your Neighbors

Look at other homes in your area and build accordingly. It isn’t necessary to use the same design, but you should reference their decks to get an idea of how you should build.

  1. Factor In All Costs

The cost of renovating your deck depends on your project goals and how much you are willing to spend on labor and materials. Begin careful planning by estimating project costs and researching how to handle large-scale renovations.

  1. Design With The Future In Mind

While you might be pushing for a quick completion to your deck renovation, you need to make sure the project is done correctly. Make sure your deck serves a useful purpose for years to come. This means using the durable materials and following building codes!

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