5 Things to Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

Is your basement currently a large, empty space waiting to be transformed into an area you can enjoy? Here are a few things you should consider before spending time and money converting your unfinished space into a comfortable hang out spot for you and your family.

  1. The Budget of Your Project

Improving the look and feel of your basement will cost you your hard earned dollars, but can be a rewarding and valuable investment if you plan the project ahead of time. Lay out your ideal basement on paper before hiring any contractors to start the build. Specify where you’d like rooms to go, what building supplies you’ll need, and the amount of labor the project will require. Once you have a draft of your project plan it will be easier for you complete your basement.

  1. The Presence of Moisture

Water cannot be present if you’d like to turn your basement into a livable space. Uncontrollable mold and moisture problems will get in the way of the contractor’s build. If you are unable to stop water from entering your basement space, you’ll need to consider discontinuing the project.

  1. The Presence of Insulation

In order for your basement to be livable, insulation must be present. Today, spray foam insulation is a popular option available for basements. Make sure to insulate the ceiling of your basement in addition to the walls. Insulation on the ceiling will soundproof your space. You won’t want sound traveling and disturbing people upstairs.

  1. Inspect The Foundation

Check for chipping, flaking, cracking, or any signs of weakness in your foundation. Structural fatigue needs to be addressed before you make your basement livable. The posts, supports, or piers in your basement space should all be standing straight and planted firmly underneath the beams they are sustaining.

  1. Access, Plumbing, and Lighting

Make sure that you strategically plan how you’ll get in and out of your basement.  In the draft of your project plan, make sure you know where all basement entrances will be located. You’ll also need to figure out if drains on your property run underground or aboveground if you are considering adding a bathroom. Finally, space out your lighting. Usually natural light is in short supply for a basement, so figure out how you will use lighting to set desired moods.

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