5 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Backyard for Guests

Is your backyard the ultimate hot spot for friends and family to enjoy during those fun in the sun months? If so, take time this spring to upgrade your outdoor space for entertaining guests. There are endless outdoor renovation options that will enhance the look of your space. Here are a few options to consider as you upgrade your backyard.

  1. Expand the Deck

Is your deck large enough to seat all of the guests you plan to have over? We can help you develop a structure that will fit to the scale of your backyard. Define your deck space with handrails or columns around the exterior with help create activity areas for your guests.

  1. Add a Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is relaxing after a dip in the pool or a game of Frisbee. Think about where you can allow space for a grill, mini fridge, counter space, and storage area for food. These features will make it convenient for you and your guests to eat while remaining outside when the weather is just right. Consider adding a bar off of the kitchen area for your adult guests. This is great for evening gatherings!

  1. Enhance the Landscape

Since decoration go hand in hand with renovation, you should consider adding plants and flowers to your backyard as you remodel. You don’t need to add an entire garden, as this requires a lot of upkeep, but placing plants around the entertainment space will beautify the backyard and include easy maintenance.

  1. Position the Lighting

How will guests be able to find their way in your backyard when the sun sets? If you host a lot of gatherings in the evening, it is important that you have light in the right places. Illuminate the backyard with low-voltage lights. These will be especially useful in areas where guests eat and hang out. Lighting also makes the landscape stand out!

  1. Create Shady Areas

During the day, it is important for your guests to have somewhere to cool off after basking in the hot sun. Take advantage of tree shade, or invest in an awning to keep the sun off your deck. Sunshade is necessary for you to have in your backyard, especially if it exposed to a lot of light for long periods of the day.

What ways do you enjoy your outdoor space? Maybe casual dining? Or a fire ring for s’mores and stories? Share with on Facebook!