Master Bedroom Renovation

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are taking some time to focus on the most private room in your home. The most intimate room in your home is likely the master bedroom, but if the space doesn’t have a fresh look, it might not feel so intimate. You and your partner plan to spend a romantic evening at home for the upcoming holiday, but also realize it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover. Whether the color scheme is off, you need to block interruptive noises, or you need more space, changes are necessary for you to regain positive feelings in your room.


If you walk into your bedroom and realize the general design of it is making you unhappy, it’s time to renovate. Room color is proven to affect your mood and thoughts, so changing your color scheme needs to be done wisely. Green is a smart choice for bedroom color because not only is it believed to relieve stress, it is also believed to help with fertility.

In addition to color choice, the amount of space you allow yourself is also important to consider. When moving furniture around just isn’t enough, make the decision to tear down interior walls or conjoin two smaller rooms for extra space. This could turn out to be extensive construction, but worth it in the end.


Right now you want to renovate the master bedroom to create your own personal retreat, but eventually you’ll want this room looking great for potential buyers. Giving your master bedroom a fresh look can give you a return on your investment (ROI) between 40-80%. Experts say that focusing on expanding your closets and creating larger master bathrooms are the top features homeowners desire and that will yield a higher ROI for you.

As you dream about your new master bedroom, call our team for a consultation. We will prepare design sketches for the space, establish the budget with you, assist and the ordering of materials, and manage the project as a whole. Give us a call today, 937-567-0606.

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