How to Effectively Communicate with Your Contractor

If you are about to embark on a remodeling project for your home then you are ready to choose a contractor. Hiring the right contractor means finding someone who will have your best interest in mind. Take recommendations from family, friends and online reviews while considering contractors. You are the one with the vision of how you want the finished product to look, so it is your job to find a contractor who will get the job done correctly and at an honest price.

The First Meeting is Everything

The first meeting with your contractor should be on-site of your project. Not only will the wish list and budget be established, but a discussion of the complete project plan will take place when consulting with James Construction & Renovation.

Clarifying Terms and Conditions

Just as your contractor should know everything you want done on your home project, you should know all terms and conditions before committing to your contractor.

Budget plays a major role in your project, so your contractor needs to focus on value engineering. He or she might have a standard process that they use to work on homes, but you need to remind them that your vision needs to be executed regardless of what process they stand by.

Designing, Ordering & Scheduling

The design process involves discussions of what you like, parameters that you’re working in, and involves spatial planning. Refinement and modification are both part of the process. Don’t forget, it is your home and your vision. Your money means you’re in charge!

Upon approval of the layout and designs, project samples will be ordered and details of the project timeline will be identified.

Post Construction

Once the project is completed, James Construction & Renovation will do a final walk-through, formulate a punch list of any tasks to be completed to satisfy the contract terms, and discuss warranties and maintenance.

Let James Construction and Renovation design, develop, and deliver your next home project.