How to Stay Sane During Home Renovations

Coming up with ways to improve your home is one of the great joys of homeownership.

Actually making those improvements? Not so much, when you have furniture to move, plastic sheeting to hang, family and pets to keep out of the work area, and can’t use your water or power for hours on end.

Here’s some tips to make realizing your dream less painful:

– Call in a team of professionals. This definitely speeds up the process. Their experience, resources, tools and connections make for fast work done right the first time.

– Use a good calendar program. Not only will you know exactly what to expect throughout the project, you can coordinate your family’s schedules and events around the work being done.

– Make it a vacation. Make sure to schedule time to rest and relax! That may include slipping away to grandma’s or a nice hotel during the most disruptive work.

– Don’t go it alone. Ask for advice from friends, family and colleagues who’ve been through this before. Neighbors might offer laundry or bathroom access until your space is back to normal. Your contractor may have great tips on how to balance your family’s needs with the ongoing house projects – after all, they’ve seen plenty of other homeowners tackle life + home improvement.

– Delegate. Even if you’ve hired a contractor to handle all the details, managing a project takes time and energy out of your day. Call in the troops to assist with tasks that make life easier and your home more livable until the work is done.

– Celebrate! When the dust is clear, take a moment before plunging into the next project to enjoy the benefits of your dream come true. That memory will help keep you motivated when you’re in the middle of a full-scale renovation later on.


Going Green Brings In the Green

What’s the top priority on today’s homebuyer wish lists?

Green and energy-efficient features. That includes anything that conserves energy, water, and materials, while preserving both indoor and outdoor environmental quality.

For the first time, industry surveys show that the majority of both single-family and multi-family home developers are building at least 15 percent of their projects to green standards.

One in five single-family developers build more than 90 percent of their homes that way.

What does this mean for you?

If you have an older home, one of the best ways to build its resale value is to incorporate energy-efficient and green principles into any remodels or home improvements. That’s especially important around heating, cooling and appliances. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the age of a home has a major impact on how many BTUs (the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit) are used each year:

Homes built in the 2000s – 37,100

Homes built in the 1980s and 1990s – 43,500

Homes built prior to 1940 – 51,600

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