Garden trellis with flowering vines

Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

Warm weather and blue skies are calling you outdoors! If you want to make your backyard into your perfect oasis, a relaxing hideaway, or entertainment central, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you. And the best part is, the team of experts at James Construction and Renovation have all the skills, experience, and creativity needed to turn your ideas into reality.


  1. Lattice & Trellises

    Trellis with flowering vines

    Lattice gives your greenery new dimensions.

    A lattice wall or trellis arch can really make your green spaces pop. These simple structures serve many purposes beyond beautifying your yard!

    One great and easy idea is to use a large piece of lattice as a wall. This can segment your garden into different areas, adding a cozy feeling to your new, separate spaces. The openness of lattice allows light to stream in, so it can also provide privacy to your yard without the visual obstruction of a solid wall.

    Another wonderful use of lattice and trellises is to provide climbing opportunities for your flowers and vines. These open-work structures offer ample space and lots of room for movement as your plants grow. In turn, your climbing plants give your yard a lovely look and can even create shade overhead.

  2. Pergolas & Gazebos
    A gazebo is a semi-enclosed seating area in your yard, whereas a pergola is more of an overhead canopy. Pergolas are often used to frame a doorway or to create an outdoor corridor, perhaps along a sidewalk or path.

    Pergola in backyard

    Pergolas provide interesting partitions to outdoor spaces.

    Pergolas and gazebos create wonderful focal points in your back or front yards. They offer cool, shaded places and seating areas for your patio furniture or picnic tables!

    These structures can be custom built to suit your needs. Line your gazebo walls with benches. Make those benches storage spaces for cushions and outdoor decorations. Add floating planters or vases to your pergola posts. The sky’s the limit!

  3. Deck & Patio

    Deck with patio furniture

    Decks offer safe, comfortable places for relaxation and entertainment.

    Of course, we would be remiss to talk about backyard inspiration without discussing your deck and patio areas. Your deck or patio should be a comfortable space for you to relax with family, grill out with friends, or just take a moment to yourself.

    At James Construction and Renovation, we can build you the exact outdoor space you’re craving. You can choose from a wide array of building materials, wood stains, and layouts so that your yard looks and feels just how you want it to.

  4. Fire Pits
    Fire pits in the backyard can be one of the coziest features of your home. Your fire

    Fire pit ringed with benches in backyard

    Fire pits create comfy spots for cooking and conversation.

    pit can be raised or in-ground, circular or rectangular, and made of any number of materials.

    Prefer a raised fire pit in brick? We can do that. Like the look of stone slabs or concrete? We can do that too.

    A custom fire pit is a simple way to bring a whole new aspect to your yard, giving you even more opportunities to spend your time in a place you love with the people you love. We’ll make sure your fire pit is built safely and securely for your peace of mind.


When you have ideas for renovating your outdoor spaces, don’t hesitate! Give James Construction & Renovation a call at 937-567-0606 today to talk with us about your ideas.

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Freshen Up Your Kitchen For Spring

You might think you need to wait for warmer weather before getting started on home renovations, but that isn’t necessarily true! Now is the perfect time to give yourself the kitchen of your dreams.

According to Bob Vila, some home renovations are best to tackle during the winter. In fact, 70% of Bob Vila’s winter renovation list applies to your kitchen!

Here are some tips for changing up this crucial space in your home:

  1. Update Your Countertops and Cabinets190315 - Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

    Renovations that involve large elements – like counters and cabinets – means fewer trips for buying and bringing in your supplies. Since the work happens indoors, it’s a perfect job for winter or early spring!

    On top of the bulkier aspects of replacing countertops and cabinets, you can make smaller upgrades and repairs yourself. Consider purchasing new decorative hardware like knobs and drawer pulls to add your own flair to your kitchen. After all, you probably spend a lot of time in there, so it’s helpful for your accents to be functional and fashionable!

  2. Refresh Your Walls and Backsplash

    Is it time for a pop of color? Painting your walls a new, fresh color can make a big difference for your mood and state of mind. Painting in winter or early spring has another big benefit for homeowners: Because of the drier air during colder months, paint actually dries faster! Plenty of home supply stores also run sales on paint (and other home renovation materials) during the winter due to lower demand, so it’s a perfect time to stock up and get some work done!

    190315 - Kitchen Walls and BacksplashYour backsplash is more than decorative, too. It protects your walls from difficult, unsightly stains. However, aging grout in your backsplash can harbor stains and odors. Consider replacing your backsplash or getting the grout redone for a brand new look and fresh feel!

  3. Replace Your Faucets and Fixtures

    Did you know that you can replace a faucet in just an afternoon? Upgrading to new faucets and lighting fixtures can give your kitchen a great appearance and help conserve resources such as water and electricity. Smarter technology means you’re making good choices for the environment AND your bank account!
    190315 - Kitchen Sink

  4. Check Your Safety Features

    The change in seasons is the perfect time to make sure the safety features in your house are in working order! Be sure to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so you can replace any dead batteries and ensure your family’s safety in the process.

James Construction can help give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today at 937-567-0606, and let us know what we can do for you!


Find Your Balance with Living Coral

Every year the color experts at Pantone highlight a color of the year. Using careful trend analysis, Pantone’s pigment professionals pay attention to visual arts like movies and TV, fashion, and art collections while searching out the year’s hottest travel destinations, tech advances, and lifestyle influences. Somewhere in the balance, these color experts identify a single color that sums up what they observe in the world.

190218 - Living Coral Square

For 2019, that color is Living Coral, Pantone number 16-1546.

Living Coral is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” It occupies a space between being calm and being alert. It nurtures and stimulates, soothes and refreshes. Living Coral “is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.”

According to Pantone’s team of experts, “we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy,” in part due to “the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life.” Living Coral is also described as:

  • Optimistic
  • Joyful
  • Comforting
  • Convivial
  • Elusive
  • Vivifying
  • Effervescent

1902018 - Living Coral Home Decor

Whether you want to go bold and paint a whole room in Living Coral, or you prefer to keep it understated with pops of coral, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic shade! Paint an accent wall in Living Coral to bring energy to a room full of neutrals. Bring touches of Living Coral to your room through textile choices like a plush rug, a blanket, throw pillows, or drapes. No matter how you use it, Living Coral is sure to enhance a cozy space and bring a greater sense of balance to your home life.

How do you recharge at the end of a busy week? How do you find your own balance between rest and activity? What does “Living Coral” mean to you?


New Trends For A New Year

2019 is finally here and with it comes new resolutions, new workout plans, and new headaches! Many of us want to put 2018 behind us and start a new year off fresh. An easy way to do this is simply surrounding yourself with a fresh, new look!

As far as interior design goes, 2019 is full of promising trends. Warm tones are taking over living spaces and knocking out the cooler grays and blues we have all become familiar with. Warm neutrals are particularly in high demand for the coming year. Taupe-like colors for walls, sofas, and ottomans are the new gray. And believe it or not, green is making a comeback!

chair2_3793_cactus_large1246291365We aren’t talking about the 1950’s green kitchen walls that your grandmother still has. We’re talking about vintage green velvet armchairs – a 19th-century appreciation. Places like Ikea, Target, and Wayfair are already designing the old world French looking chairs and getting them on the shelves. If you like the classic look or even something more modern, green velvet is sure to be a head-turner this year!

If you’re the person who would prefer the modern green velvet chair with gold accents, you are in luck! Modern style design is still trending above all others. American modern, Art Deco, and Scandinavian modern are at the top of the charts for 2019. Eclectic mixes of colors and patterns are shaping a new sense of “home” (along with those warmer tones we talked about)!

Take the stress out of sticking to a diet or reading a book a month and surround yourself in a stylish new comfortable. The other resolutions will come much more naturally if you are in a more positive and fresh space!


Turn Your Staircase Into A Grand Entrance

Staircases are arguably the most important part of a multi-level house. Not only do they serve as a very important tool for getting from one floor to another, but they also decide the flow of the house.

If your staircase creaks and you don’t even know the last time the boards were replaced, you’re likely looking at more than just a detriment to the fengshui of your home – you probably have a safety concern on your hands. If this sounds like you, drop everything you are doing and read on!

You may think that creaky stairs are a commonality and are nothing to worry about. Really, this is a sign of dangerous boards that could break or detach from the staircase, which could cause serious injuries to you and your family. But don’t worry, there is an easy DIY fix for both the safety and look of your stairs. All you need is some help of wood boards, paint, nails, and a saw.

Start by examining your stairs from the underneath, if possible. Often tightening screws, adjusting nails, or using a bit of wood glue can secure your steps more without having to replace them. If you see a lot of discoloration, holes from termites or other bugs, or rotting spots you should go straight for brand new boards.

Carefully take off a riser to use as a template to measure and cut the new ones. Remember that cutting a board a little too big is better than cutting one too small, as you can always cut them down a bit more. Before you nail on the new tread you must secure the new riser to the stringers (A.K.A the existing frame). After you secure the first riser you can then secure the first tread. For the treads, using boards with one rounded edge will be the easiest.

We recommend replacing one board at a time before taking the next board off. This way, you will always have a full functional staircase for the duration of your project. Once all of the treads and risers are replaced you can stain, paint, or add tile to your new stairs.

A dark colored tread with a complimentary colored riser will make your staircase look tall and modern. The tread can be painted a solid dark grey, brown, or black. If you like a more traditional or exposed wood look, try staining the treads with a black cherry or walnut color.

Your risers should complement the treads and tie in the color scheme of your home. You can use an off-white paint for a fresh look, or a pop of color to make it look modern. If you want to incorporate different colors or tiles into your staircase, then the risers are the place to do it! An added bonus of using tile risers is that they are so easy to clean if they get scuffed.

Now that you know how easy it can be to change your staircase, what other projects would help spruce up your home? Give us a call about any other home renovation projects we can help make happen in 2019!


Barn Doors… Inside!

Sliding barn doors are becoming a very popular trend for interior designers. They’re functional, stylish, and easy to use, but some people think they’re only good for a rustic, farm-house look. Keep reading to learn how barn doors can accent all types of interior design styles!

Modern Barn doorIndustrial
If the natural wood look of a barn door turns you off, try painting it a solid, neutral shade. With the right handle and metal fixtures, the door can look much more industrial than you might think. The sliding feature gives off more of a minimalist look compared to a traditional swinging door, which feeds in to the industrial vibe of the room.

EccentricPink Door
Sliding barn doors can be custom-made to match your space! They can easily be painted different colors creating a unique focal point for the room. The hardware can contrast the color and the handle can either match the hardware or add a completely different element, like a crystal doorknob. The small details do a great job of tying a room together.

Rustic Door

All wood elements add a sense of warmth to a room, but sliding barn doors go the extra mile in this category. Different shades of brown that highlight the natural grain of the wood make it feel as though part of the great outdoors has entered your home. Visible nails and “X” or “Z” braced planks add depth, dimension, and character.

Maybe you are someone who likes the idea of the sliding door, but already has a more traditional theme in your home such as French Country. You can still enjoy a sliding barn door! Try using two thinner doors in place of where you would normally put a French door. You can even add window panes, wrought iron designs, or carve ornamental patterns into the wood.

Overall, a sliding barn door is always going to be a great feature in your home.  And don’t worry, because no matter the style, there is a sliding barn door for you!



4 Rules to Finding the Perfect Rug!

Big, comfy, colorful rugs. They can make an entire room look inviting. However, if the rug isn’t the correct size to fit the room properly, it can become overwhelming, or even underwhelming. Here are some tips on how to make sure that beautiful geometric patterned rug will fill its role in your home!

Stay Away from the Walls
I’m sure you’ve seen rugs that butt right up against walls before, and while you may love the rug and is a family heirloom, it makes it look as though you are hiding unfinished floors or discolored carpet. A good rug is supposed to anchor a room and draw the eye in, not spread it out over every inch of square footage.

Consider the Shape of the Room
The perfect rug for you should mimic the shape of the room it is going in. For example, ou wouldn’t want a long and skinny runner in a small, square space. Luckily, most rooms are rectangular and the same goes for rugs! Making sure the proportions of room-area and rug-area are similar is key for rug placement.

Think About the Rug’s Function
Are you planning on the rug being a focal point in the center of a sitting area, or will furniture pile on top of it like a dining room table set? This is an important question to ask yourself. If the rug is going to be the center of attention, or at least the center of your vision, it should have a pattern and color palette that tie in details of the room. If it is going to be used more for functionality or bring warmth to a room, then a consistent color scheme or soft lines as a pattern will do nicely. By confusing the two functionalities, a room can easily become overwhelming or impractical.

Measure the Furniture You Already Have
A good rule of thumb for area rugs is to keep all the legs of the furniture at least 6 inches away from the edge of the rug. This way, the furniture won’t look like it’s teetering off the edge and will naturally create a more comfortable and spacious look. With that said, make sure the rug isn’t too small where the furniture is cramped and there is no space between the pieces.

With these tips you can easily figure out why your rug might not look quite right in its current space, and what to look for when you go shopping next!



A Modern Take On Hardwood Floors

Do you love the look of hardwood floors? Of course, because everyone loves the rich charm of hardwood floors in their living room or kitchen! It is a traditional look that brings a depth of character to any space.

Architects and interior designers are starting to take that modest, traditional look and turn it into something a little different. Instead of using long, straight boards, they are creating artistical masterpieces with wood floors. Here are a few ways they are shaking up the business that you could utilize when remodeling your home!

Different colored stains play a big role in making a hardwood floor look one of a kind and modern. You could stain your flooring all one shade of a trendy color, or even to use various colors of stains to create geometric patterns using the same wood. Pine and oak are great natural lighter colored woods that take different colored stains well and can amplify the contrast of the shades!

Funky, non-traditional patterns are on the rise. Everything from hexagons to herringbone to basket weave patterns are being seen in all types of spaces! Some designers have been playing with circles and swirl patterns with wood.  Another way to stray from the typical straight boards is to integrate a mixture of tiles and woods to make a statement, which is perfect for an entryway or dining room! A darker stained border around the edge of a room or a detailed design will draw the eye and enhance unique characteristics of the wood.

A glossy wood finish gives a sleek look that leaves the room virtually level and clean, whereas a matte finish adds character and a chic aesthetic to rooms. A slightly more glossy or satin finish will give your room a classic sheen, but not be too reflective. A matte finish works best on wider floor boards and simple patterns. This finish is great for wire-brushed or hand scrapped hardwood flooring! You can’t go wrong with either finish, it just depends on your own personal style!



Does Your Home Need A Fall Refresh?

Fall is the perfect time to throw on a comfy, brown sweater, wear that mustard yellow dress, or pull out that one pair of burgundy flats. But, the classic burgundy, brown, tan combination is getting a little old for your home, don’t you think?

Pumpkin spice lattes and dry hay bales are starting to lose their number one spot in people’s favorite things about fall. So, what else is there? How can you decorate your home in a different way that is chic, modern, and festive all at the same time without completely redoing your entire living room?

Try some non-traditional fall colors that are vibrant but part of a cooler family of color. A pop of turquoise on a porch, a deep violet throw pillow, and a cream-colored area rug can take you away from the over used burnt-orange decorations and draw the eye to a new style of fall. These colors are bright but still fit the bill for Autumn.

Add some textures to your décor for the season too. Fall is all about texture, from the breeze of the wind to the crunch of the leaves and the soft blanket you cuddle by the fire with. Find a new piece of 3D art work or get a new plush throw to become a texture master.

With luxe and eclectic home décor becoming so popular, these small color and texture changes in paint, rugs, wall art, and pillows can do a lot for your fall-ready home and be popular for years to come. So throw away that old scary-looking scarecrow pillow and switch it for some textured color!

Turquoise door


Colored Grout Isn’t Just for Looks!

Does your kitchen or bathroom need an update? Color sealing grout, a specially composed sealing substance, is a hot new trend for homeowners. With a multitude of colors to choose from, refreshing your grout is an easy update to any room with tile. Color sealing grout can add a pop of color to a kitchen, an eclectic look to a bathroom, or contrast to an old tile floor. It is great for DIY lovers, people who are thinking about redecorating on a tight budget, or just the perfect addition to a renovation project. But, what benefits does it have other than looking good? The colored sealer offers several positive health, maintenance, and financial benefits.

It Stops Bacteria Growth
Ever think about all the bacteria that is growing between your kitchen and bathroom tiles? Those small between-tile crevices are the perfect nesting ground for bacteria to grow. Luckily, color sealing your grout suppresses the growth of bacteria and mildew. The seal offers health benefits as the agents in the composition stops this growth and make your surfaces more sanitary.

It Eliminates Bad Odors
Color sealed grout is easy to clean, and liquids do not absorb into the seal either. Strange odors from past spills are eliminated from the equation with this benefit. You don’t have to worry about stains from food and beverage spills either as color seals repel both water and oil-based liquids.

It Is Economical
Applying a color seal grout can reduce maintenance costs for years to come. Since the grout is less porous than traditional grout and does not hold stains, you will not have to re-grout often. Your entire tile can look brand new with a pop of color seal and your wallet will thank you.


So now all you need to decide is what color to choose!